Flight 2

The flight took place from BCTC Newton Campus in Lexington, KY on May 20, 2015.

Pictures and videos from this flight can be found in the photo and video sections of the site. Currently flight 2 is the only one that we have any video of, but there is more to come in the future.

Flight 1

Launch 1 from in Hopkinsville, Kentukcy.

Weather Balloon:  Hwoyee 1600g
Price:  $120
Specs: 8.3cm neck
Uninflated Diameter: 7 feet
Burst Diameter: 27 feet
Helium Fill Rig:  Includes an inert gas regulator, 25 foot hose, and pre-attached adapters and valves.

NASA Workshop Flight

The team attended a workshop in January of 2015 for training on all aspects of high altitude ballooning. During this workshop we learned how to build and program a circuit board, wrap and attach payloads to the line and how to fill the balloon correctly. At the end of the workshop teams payloads from all of the participating schools there were attached to one of two flight lines and everyone participated in the chase and recovery of both balloons payloads.


Held at Marshall Space Flight Center- Huntsville, Alabama.